Adult Sunday School

Sunday School

Coffee, Christ & Conversations

Coffee, Christ and Conversations class

Our Coffee, Christ & Conversation class is located upstairs in the balcony in Knox Hall. Natalie Mendez organizes a weekly discussion on a wide range of topics and looks at Scripture in a deeper way while building connections over coffee. 

Adult Contemporary Class

Adult Contemporary Class

This class, led by Jim McAdams, meets at 9:45 a.m. during the school year in the Children's Library on the third floor. Discussion focuses on the current events of the day drawn from the newspaper or social media. The class reads the relevant article, explores the faith implications and shares insights and observations from a Christian and faith perspective. There is no homework and plenty of lively discussion.

Calvin Class

Adult Calvin Class

This formal Bible study class meets each Sunday at 9:45 am in the MacAfee Room behind the chapel. In sharing our concerns, hopes, questions, and what we're learning, we have found encouragement and friendship for our daily lives as Christ's disciples. It's worthwhile to come each week, but the written curriculum makes it easy to pick up whenever one can attend. Join us for a lively discussion and study led by Tom Holt, Vicki Schildmeyer and Pastor Henry.

Chapel Class

Adult Chapel Class

This class meets in the Chapel at 9:45 a.m. during the school year. The regular teacher is Sharon Keating. Dr. Cain leads special three- to four-week courses on special topics such as world religions or Christian history.

Rev. Cliff Cain leads:

Pagans & Christians: The Early Church From Nero to Constantine

Oct. 28, Nov. 4 and Nov. 11T

he thrust of this course will be to examine the relationship of the emergence of the early Church to its Roman context. Topics/issues such as why were Christians persecuted and how Christianity became the dominant religion of the Empire will be explored, as well as some other ways of "being religious" in that time (e.g., the mystery cults and emperor worship).