International Mission - Peru

Peru Mission in the Amazon Rainforest

Peru Mission

First Presbyterian Church has a 15 year relationship with our sisters and brothers in the Amazon River basin of Peru.  Pastor Dave brought this mission with him when he arrived in Jefferson City, and beginning in 2003 he has led a work/mission trip to the Amazon Rainforest (in and around Iquitos. Peru.

    Each trip continues our ongoing work with the Amazon Mission Fellowship and the congregation of Iglesia de Reformate y Presbiteriano de Tamshiyacu. Our Peru Crew works on building projects, with children with special needs in the School for Children with Special Needs (SCOTA), assist with Bible school, worship, sing, fellowship and play with our friends in Amazon jungle. We also provide water bucket filtration systems and assist with the distribution of anti-parasite medicines by setting up a medical clinic and the church. If you are interested in supporting or participating in the Peru work/mission, contact Pastor Dave.

Other Ways to Help

The residents of Tamshiyacu live in a remote village along the Amazon River. Their main water source is the Amazon River, which is contaminated by many parasites. The World Health Organization states that every year more than 3.4 million people die as a result of water related diseases, making it a leading cause of death around the world. The vast majority of water-borne illnesses are caused by organisms that are found in a water source that has been contaminated by sewage. The need for clean drinking water is a drastic need!

We support Medical Mission, Inc., and the Amazon Mission Fellowship to provide primary medical care, water purifying systems, public health education, and spiritual inspiration to our Peruvian brothers and sisters. You can purchase a water-purifying system for a Peruvian family for only $50!

Testimony from Peru Crew members:

Peru work crew

"I had the blessing this summer to travel to Peru with six others from our church for mission work in the village of Tamshiyacu. Being able to experience Peru’s culture and people was eye opening. I saw how the communities worked together collectively, making me realize my ways and how individualist they were. The kids in Tamshiyacu helped with our work in the church, the women and men saw us as people wanting to help them not change them. I took so much from this trip that I will always carry with me. The kids will always be with me, the walks at night with the culture, the people of the church, and the friends I met will hold a special place."

- Rae Nichols


"I thoroughly enjoyed traveling to Peru with FPC. The best part of the trip was building relationships with the Medical Missions staff and the children of Tamshiyacu. In fact, I became close enough with one particular child that one morning after staying the night at the church in Tamshiyacu, this child snuck into my room at 7am by climbing onto the second floor balcony--a dangerous, yet impressive feat for an eight year old. When he knocked on my door, he wanted to know if I was awake and if I wanted to play. Although startled and somewhat shocked, this experience and more made this trip purposeful and life-giving. I can't wait to return to Tamshiyacu soon." - Michael Schulte